Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why the Deacon’s Secretary?

It just so happened that I retired a few months before my husband, Scott, was ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. As a Deacon he holds a non-stipendiary position in the church and fulfills those duties in addition to his demanding position as a director of a social services agency. To make life more interesting, our rector accepted a call to another parish weeks before Scott’s ordination.
Are you getting the picture? A parish without a rector, a soon-to-be-ordained ordained deacon with a full-time job AND a retired wife at home! Who do you suppose is dealing with organizing the ordination ceremony, phone calls, emails, running errands, communicating with parishioners and the diocesan office, editing and proofing sermons, maintaining the calendar and much more? It was not long before I was being referred to as the Deacon’s Secretary and the title caught on.
Thankfully we have since called a wonderful interim rector. My duties as the Deacon’s Secretary have greatly decreased since she came on board. I am still Scott’s biggest supporter as secretary and wife.
Stay tuned to discover how well I am shifting into my retiree role and pursuing my passions!


Anonymous said...

The deacon's mothe in law saltues you.

Kit said...

Yes I agree with N. you are on your way to an amazing new phase of your life! I am happy to be an observer!

Keri Beth said...

I have never read a blog before, but looks good so far. Good Luck on your Journey.

Green Acres in the City said...

I found you thanks to my mother in law, Karyl, in Valdosta. I am interested to see how it all unfolds. Good luck on the journey!

Cathy said...

Woo hoo - looking good Beth!

Beth Mithen said...

Thank you all for all of the supportive words! Stay tuned!

Beth Mithen said...

Thanks Green Acres! I suspect your name is a reference to gardening, not telephones on poles! Hope you continue to enjoy!