Friday, March 12, 2010

Glory of Thunderstorms

I love watching thunderstorms! I really, truly do! The majesty and power of God’s creation moves me deep within my soul. Darkness is the best time to watch. The rush of wind, the pelting rain, the bright flashes in the sky and booming rumbles draw me. If you drive past my house during a thunderstorm, you will probably see me sitting on my rocking chair on the front porch. I have also watched a few hurricanes in my life however, not from the front porch. The wind is simply awesome!

When I read the story of Pentecost in Acts, I vividly see in my mind the rush of wind and flames of fire described in the gift of the Holy Spirit. The wind is a perfect descriptor of the power of the Holy Spirit. Winds constantly blow through my life. Usually it is the wind of a gentle breeze, sweet and soothing. The breeze that makes the chimes ring out a beautiful song has blessed most of my life. But at other times I feel as if I am in the midst of hurricane force winds. Destructive winds that toss me about like a rag doll. Then Jesus steps forward and tells the winds to cease and life becomes perfectly calm!

What about those bright flashes of lightning during the nights? We are sitting in total darkness and suddenly there is this brilliant flash and we can see all the things around us. Lightning also reflects my life at times. I am so overwhelmed that all seems dark. There seems to be no answers to life’s problems. Suddenly God clears my eyes to perceive His answer. His light is now lighting the path!

I do love thunderstorms. These images of God’s power nourish me. God’s presence in all of His creation truly awes me. May I never take His creation for granted.



Cathy said...

and don't forget the thunder and lightening storm at Honey Creek and when the lightening brightened the night, we saw a family of boars. That's got to make into one of your stories....

Beth Mithen said...

My, I had forgotten that. That was rather awe inspiring!!