Monday, March 8, 2010

Is Spring Sprung?

I spent several hours yesterday afternoon pulling weeds. The sun shining on my back felt marvelous. My thighs however are out of practice of being in the weed pulling position. The flower bed quickly cleared of weeds and I discovered new growth at the base of my ever faithful yellow lantana. The daylilies and daffodils are several inches high now. The daffodils even have some buds. No sign of my caladiums yet. I hope all the freezing temperatures did not do them in. The two miniature azaleas look good. I worked until I got to two large fire ant beds! My garden is mostly organic; however there are a few things that I do use chemicals on and fire ants is one of them. Hopefully they will all be gone by this afternoon when I head out again.
My hands look like I have been in the garden! I have never mastered gardening with gloves. I need to feel the stems and roots. I love the feel of dirt in my hands! When I come upon briars, I do put on my gloves-after I have carefully turned them inside out to ensure there are no spiders inside. Beyond that, it is flesh to soil! Delicious! Of course this is also why I occasionally have severe bouts of poison ivy!
Gardening, especially weeding, is good for my soul! Any frustrations I have are exhausted as I name each weed I pull! Mostly I marvel at our wonderful creation and how good God is to give us such a paradise in which to live. I am amazed year after year as the plants peek up again out of the soil. Watching them grow and bloom is a continually changing kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. I even love watching all the little creatures residing in the soil. I must admit that spiders are difficult for me. I love watching them from a distance; however I exercise my response speed when one crawls across my hand.
I pray that Spring is truly here! I would love to hear how all of your gardens grow!


Cathy said...

I will be very interested in if the caladiums (caladii?) pull through this winter. Methinks you may have seen the last of them.

Beth Mithen said...

They are sheltered by the car port so maybe they will survive. Since Elliott helped me plant them, I would love for them to.

Naomi said...

If they don't survive I have more ordered.They will ship nearer plating time. Little early for them to arrive. They should not be planted until earth is warm.