Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Large Churches??

I have not attended a large church since I was a teenager but as I survey the ‘church’ piles around my house; I cannot help but wonder if it is easier being a member in a large church. Yes, I have piles of church stuff all over my house because they are projects in process. In my foyer I have freshly washed children’s bags, waiting for me to collect more items to entertain the little ones during the services. On my dining room table, there are two communion sets drying after being washed and two acolyte albs. The albs have been hemmed for two new acolytes and are waiting for me to get the candle wax off one and then both need bleaching and laundering. The bar between the kitchen and dining room has a stack of DOK brochures for an upcoming meeting. The drainer is full of dishes from a bridal shower this past weekend. My office has a stack of materials used for the Sunday School class I am teaching and more DOK materials. My sewing table has a selection of ribbons, bought to replace the tattered ribbons in the altar book. In Scott’s office is a pile of reference material for his next sermon.

Do churches with large memberships still have parishioners homes covered in piles? I wonder!

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Cathy said...

I am sure they have piles too. You can just be more invisible.