Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mr. Froggie Went A-Swimming

The warm weather is bringing the frogs and toads back. They can be so much fun. They come in all sizes and shapes with all levels of croaks! My grandson, Elliott, and I love to watch them. Elliott and I love singing the children’s song: “Mr. Froggie Went A Courting”. However, at my house, too many of them choose to go for a swim rather than court. Elliott considers it his chore to be the animal rescuer and save all the frogs from the pool. Even as a toddler with me holding him as he leaned over with the net, he insisted on rescuing the frogs himself.
As the rain cleared and the sun shone, I stepped out back and spotted a big toad in the pool. Retrieving the net, I began the rescue mission on my own since my helper is not here. As I dip the net in the frog dives to the bottom. Thus begins the ‘froggie’ tango around the pool: me waiting until he arises again, trying to stay behind him; dipping the net yet again to see him dash again to the bottom. We do this over and over. Unlike Elliott, I will admit to becoming aggravated after a while. Why does he not understand that if he remains in the pool the chlorine will kill him?
I suspect I am often like these frogs. God is always there with His hand out to grab me and I am diving to the bottom. Sometimes it takes me a while to see the path He wants me to follow. Sometimes I prefer my way and I take the dive! Since God always waits patiently for me, I think I will head back out with my net and wait patiently for this frog. I can even use this waiting time to listen and pray!
Happy dipping to all!



Cathy said...

Remember, the volume of the frog or toad's croak has NOTHING to do with its physical size.....

Beth Mithen said...

I do. Anyone who knows Cathy and wants a really good laugh, ask her about her frog hunt!