Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Birth

As we are approaching Easter, new birth is ever present in my mind. Easter Day is my all time favorite day each year! I love the beautiful Easter liturgies. I feel reborn each year as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The long penitential Lenten season causes the joy and celebration of Easter and the resurrection to be even more extraordinary.
Those who have been following me are aware that both my daughter and daughter-in-law are pregnant. I went with my daughter for a sonogram and must admit to having a hard time figuring out what was what on the screen. The nurse would point out HIS little body parts and I would smile and nod. Yesterday my daughter-in-law had her first sonogram and she texted me a picture! I definitely could not make heads or tails out of this one; but the doctor says HE is perfectly formed and active! New Birth! Two More Grandsons!
This is also the time of year I spread trays of little peat discs all over the house. My first seeds have germinated and I have had my first peek at the little seedlings. New Birth! Today I have a few more peeking out! I hover around the trays telling them to be well and grown strong. Isn’t that the same prayer we have for our children and grandchildren? I am carefully nurturing my little seedlings. I check their moisture level several times a day. Since my husband adamantly refuses to hang growth lights for me, I carefully take the trays with sprouted seeds outside as the day warms and let the sun provide the much needed light. At any hint of rain, wind, dropping temperatures or fading light, I bring the trays carefully in and spread throughout the flat surfaces in our house.
House finches raise several broods each year on the top of the posts on our carport. The first mother finch is already sitting on her nest. As I am typing, I am watching a sparrow beginning to build a nest on a post on our front porch. The bluebirds out back seem to be carrying nesting material into their box. I am still waiting for the arrival of my purple martins and hummingbirds. Scott and I celebrate all the new births of baby birds throughout the spring. We are entertained for hours watching the parents feed the babies and then the great antics of the babies fledging. New Birth!
May we all carry the joy and enthusiasm of new birth throughout the year and throughout our lives rejoicing in being blessed by God as Easter people!



Cathy said...

Need pictures of those peat pots and a list of what you are growing!

Beth Mithen said...

Will post picture when they have grown enough to be seen with my camera. Will include list too.