Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Gifts from God

God has blessed me with so many wonderful gifts! He led me to a wonderful husband, Scott, and gave us two beautiful children who have married two more beautiful children. He blessed us with a most dearly precious grandson and two more soon to join us. My ability to teach and organize truly came from God and led to a fulfilling career. He continues to give me good health as I have moved into my new stage of life as a retiree. The last few weeks I have been watching my husband prepare for his first Easter Vigil as a deacon and have wondered if I do enough with God’s gifts.
Scott has never been involved in any organized singing endeavor; however as a deacon he gets to chant the Exsultet during the Easter Vigil. He is both excited and nervous about this public performance! While preparing for the deaconate, he met a marvelous and truly gifted gentleman. Lavan is in his nineties and retired from a singing career and is married to a deacon. He continues to share his gift by teaching new deacons how to chant the Exsultet. Scott travels nearly two hours to get his lessons and then two hours home; however he loves every minute of it. I hear Scott practicing every day and he is getting better and better. My favorite story is from their second lesson. Scott chanted for Lavan first to show his progress. Lavan told Scott that if he did not increase the tempo that he would be dead before he finished! God blessed Lavan as a great music teacher! I cannot wait until the Easter Vigil!
Do I truly give from God’s gifts as I should? Are there things I should be doing that I am not? Have I actually discovered all my gifts from God? Am I using them as God wants me to? Am I being stingy with my time and talents? These are questions I need to pray about and I need you to pray for me too.




Cathy said...

Yes you truly give from God's gifts and I think there are some you don't give yourself enough credit for. I have heard you sing - and you do well. You just seem to be timid. Don't hide it under a bushel. It's ok to sing with gusto!!

As for Scott - I am proud of him. I have timed the Exulted several times when I practiced it. I found that it lasted 7-8 minutes - closer to 8 minutes than 7 If you go to youtube, you will find the same - I have seen it a little slower, but Lavan is correct, you will die if you go longer.
Scott is taking on a challenging piece - it looks seemingly simple, but it takes a ton of work. He should be very proud for his hard work!

Beth Mithen said...

Cathy, when you are behind me in church singing with gusto then I can let loose! The piece must be difficult as Scott is practicing EVERY day.

Cathy said...

Yes, the piece is difficult - though looking at it you would not think it is... because it is really only a small range of notes, and when I first looked at it... I said... this should not be too difficult. But the more I worked on it, the more I realized the challenge it held. I have yet to have sung it "perfectly" - there is always some place in there that I miss or just don't get right. Then you have to get back on track without stopping!