Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yellow Honeysuckle

Yesterday I promised to tell the story of the yellow honeysuckle. Last spring we had a tremendous storm: heavy rains, thunder and lightening, and high winds. We lost electricity and the pool was nearly overflowing. Since we had no electricity we had to manually bail water out. This storm was so strong it actually blew over part of our trellis by the pool. I actually think that the huge confederate jasmine was the only thing that saved the rest of the trellis.

The yellow honeysuckle was growing on the part that collapsed. It crushed and broke the vines and even uprooted it. It took us a while to get the trellis off the vine. My husband said it was a lost cause. Even though I was not hopeful, I pruned the vine back and replanted the roots. For nearly a year it did nothing except stay alive; at least that was all my eyes could see. Those roots must have been reorienting themselves, growing and establishing a strong base. As warmer weather is finally moving in, I am beginning to see signs of new growth on the vines. He is only about three feet tall today but I am hopeful of a great growth spurt this Spring.

Sometimes life seems to crush us too! Sometimes we need time to reestablish our roots. Sometimes it seems like nothing good is happening on the outside; however those roots may be growing deeper and stronger inside. God appointed us as stewards of His creation, but I believe He knew that His creation would teach us so much more than we actually give.




Cathy said...

Oh I like that last paragraph.... and how your honeysuckle vine parallels our life at times!

Beth Mithen said...

All of God's creation is eternally intertwined!