Monday, April 5, 2010


It is the time for the annual yellow plague! Everything around here is covered in a thick layer of pollen. My car sat under the carport for five days while I was traveling. I could not see through the windshield! I then squirted windshield washer fluid on it and turned on the wipers. Oh No!!!! There was thick, yellow goop all over my windshield! It looked like someone through a gallon of yellow paint on my car! The pool had a thick yellow ‘bathtub’ ring. I got out the hoses to wash it off before cleaning. As the water hit the concrete around the pool, yellow rivers were running all around it! Since the weather is warm enough for pollen, all our windows are open. Pollen floats right through the screens! Yellow dust is all over my furniture. As I said, we are in the midst of the yellow plague!


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Cathy said...

even if you have the windows closed, it seeps through, but not quite at the pace of an open window.