Friday, April 9, 2010


If I were to write a graphic novel (aka comic book), my archenemy would be a character named Wisteria. She would be beautiful. I mean drop dead gorgeous. She would have the sweetest scent emanating from her. She would easily mingle into a crowd. People would stare but only due to her beauty and sweet scent.
Slowly and patiently she would send out little arms that would encompass the crowd one by one. People would not react because it would feel like a warm arm encompassing their waists or shoulders. The sweet smell would be so alluring. Person to person she would move until all were totally intertwined. Inch by inch the arms would spiral around each person and slowly begin to squeeze tighter and tighter.
No one would come to their aid because the view would be so pleasant and appealing. Beautiful leaves and clusters of lilac blooms would cover the area. The scent would be mesmerizing. There would be no suggestion of any sort of danger-just beauty.
Eventually the people in the crowd would realize they were in a desperate situation. But it would be too late! The arms were coiled completely around them from head to toe and they were being squeezed like a vise. There would be no way to move. There would be no way to call out! Life as they knew it was coming to an end thanks to Wisteria!!!!!
Now I must find a super hero to save them AND my yard!


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Cathy said...

Oh the wisteria had a hold on so many trees that we saw on the way to the beach - the trees looked strangled from them! And I think they were!