Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Animal Friends-Part 2

Mischief was another long term animal friend, or maybe I mean fiend. I had to have this little Siamese kitten. She was adorable! Unfortunately, she seemed to despise me and most of humankind and preferred a solitary life! The entire family bore the reminders of her wish to be left alone. She had extremely sharp claws and used them viciously. Except she loved my father! She would even jump up and ride around on his shoulders. The rest of us had great respect for her claws. We never picked her up. If she wanted to sit in your lap, she would. You also sat there until she decided to move on. She loved to sit in a doorway in the hall and wait for an unsuspecting person to walk by; then she would attack! Mischief remained with the family for many years. After Scott and I were married, my parents and brothers moved from Florida to Texas. When they finally arrived, Mischief jumped out of the car and was never seen again.

In addition to Sandy and Mischief, Pretty Star (parakeet), Touché (turtle), aquariums of fish, a hognose snake, and several gerbils also lived with and moved around with our family while I was growing up. Four children and this menagerie obviously led to some exciting moments at times. Occasionally Mischief would land on Pretty Star’s cage and the loud crash would bring the entire family. Any cat would be enticed by fish, snakes and gerbils and Mischief was no exception. How about when the snake got loose just before my grandmother’s visit? We were all under strict orders not to mention that the snake was loose in the house. Thankfully he stayed hidden until after the visit. We moved often when I was young and somehow my parents always managed to get all the children and animals to the new location. What a huge feat-especially since Dad usually had to move on ahead of us!

“If I am going to be in the right relationship with God, I should treat the things he has made in the same way he treats them.” [Francis Schaeffer (1912-84), Pollution and the Death of Man]


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A Deacon's Wife said...

What delightful pet memories! I think naming that cat Mischief was prophetic. Our animal friends can be such a huge part of our childhoods (and our adulthoods, for that matter). I am reminded of a parrot we had that shouted "Hello!" every time the phone rang. Thank you for sharing.