Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Animal Friends-Part 3

Envision Valentine’s Day, 1977. Two college seniors are engaged to be married in August. The young man picks up his fiancée for a Valentine’s surprise. What can it be? He drives her to the nearest Humane Society to get a puppy! Thus Dixie, the cutest little fur ball, became our first child! Dixie was so loyal, loving and smart.

Five years later when we added our first human child, Dixie became super nanny. From the moment Tommy first entered our house, Dixie believed it was her job to monitor his every move and keep him out of danger. Heaven help us if the baby awoke in his crib and we did not IMMEDIATELY go to him. I actually think that her running back and forth barking at us often woke the baby! Thirteen months later we brought home Ginny and Dixie went into overdrive as super nanny.

Dixie safely brought the children through those so important early years of life. She saw them start school, followed closely as they learned to ride bikes, and cuddled with them when they needed comfort, played with them at the drop of a ball and saw them through most of elementary school. It was a very sad day when we had the funeral for a very old dog who had loved us even more than we loved her!


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