Friday, June 25, 2010

My Animal Friends-Part 4

Ruth joined us in the midst of my past post. Ruth began like as an alley kitten. My brother took her in and she was a special member of his family for several years. Ruth was the best cat!!! Eventually my brother was unable to keep Ruth so my parents took her in. At that time, my parents lived a block away from us. Ruth got in the habit of following as we walked back and forth between the houses. Then she began walking over on her own. I can still hear my daughter, in a sweet little voice, saying: “Mommy, can Ruth come in for a visit?”

On day the request became: “Mommy, can Ruth spend the night?” Ruth and Ginny did have a slumber party that night. The next morning, Ruth went home. But that night she was back at our door and she never left again. Ruth and Ginny were inseparable and Ruth was still ‘the best cat’!

Although once an expert hunter and climber, there came the time when Ruth began slowing down. She was no longer bringing us ‘presents’, spent more time indoors and spent more time at the vet with infections and other issues. Once she disappeared for several days, the entire family scoured the yard and neighborhood at every opportunity but there was no sign of her. I remember clearly driving my son home from an after-school activity and seriously lecturing him about being especially nice to his sister because Ruth had obviously gone off to die. As I turned into the driveway my son began laughing. I became angry but he laughed and said, “Look Mom”. You guessed it, there in the driveway sat Ruth.

From that point on, Ruth became an indoor cat.  And yes, Ruth is still the best cat.


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