Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Animal Friends

A fundraiser for our local Humane Society has brought all my past and present animal friends to mind. God is so good to have given us these precious friends to love and who love us with such unconditional devotion! During a tough or trying time I can be reassured by curling up on the sofa with one of my special friend. They will sit there, cuddling close, and listen to my cries and ranting without making a single judgment. Who does not calm down and relax while stroking a dog or cat?

The first animal friend I remember is Sandy. The family legend goes that when I was about six years old with three younger siblings at two year intervals, we were renting a house on a farm. Each day the farmer came out to do the farming chores and in the back of his truck was always this very old and very ugly dog. My two year old brother admired this dog and told the man that he was certainly a ‘fine dog’. A few weeks later the farmer brought a little mutt puppy to the house. Another of his dogs had a litter of puppies and this man felt that any boy who would admire that old dog needed a dog. So Sandy joined our family!

You can imagine what a job it was for Sandy to take care of four young children. Not long after we got Sandy, my mother saw my brother walking in the yard holding a rope. Sandy had the other end in her mouth. When asked what he was doing, he answered that he was ‘walking his dog’. Sounds to me like Sandy was walking the boy! Sandy lived as our friend and protector for about fourteen years!


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