Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Animal Friends—Part 5

Scott and I knew how much Ginny loved Ruth and we knew Ruth was getting very old. So, in our ultimate wisdom, we decided we needed to get a kitten for her for life after Ruth passed on. A co-worker had a pregnant cat and promised us one of the kittens. Earlier than expected we got the call. The kittens were born on the carport and when the owner came home, one little kitten was lying alone on the cold concrete. She picked it up and wrapped it in a towel. As the kitten warmed, she began moving. However the mother totally rejected this baby. Would we like her? So Starry Eyes (aka Star) became part of our family. Ginny diligently feed her with a bottle, talked to her, cared for her. Star curled up on the pillow and slept in bed with Ginny and Ruth. Star grew and thrived. Her paternity soon became evident too because she definitely had Siamese markings and as she got older, the Siamese yowl!

Star always recognized that Ruth was the alpha cat. Ginny was the love of Star’s life. But shades of Mischief (mentioned in an earlier posting), Star loved ONLY Ginny. The rest of us learned not to cross Star. She ignored us at the best of times and snarled and scratched at the worst of times. When Ginny left for college, Star did mellow toward us somewhat—after all, she had no choice. As soon as Ginny moved into a pet-friendly apartment, Star happily rejoined her. Star did not adjust well to Ginny’s marriage! She expressed her displeasure by using Ginny’s husband’s clothes and shoes as a litter box! He declares he slept with blankets wrapped around his neck so Star could not go for the jugular! Interestingly enough Star did accept our first grandson.

Star passed away a year ago at a very ripe old age. I refuse to speculate on where she is spending eternity!

Oh, what about Ruth? Ruth actually lived another five years after we got Star. Ruth’s epitaph is “She was the BEST cat”.


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