Thursday, June 17, 2010

National Weed Day

I am a skimmer of headlines! Whether it is a newspaper, newsletter or magazine I skim the headlines and then read thoroughly those that catch my interest. I receive several on-line newsletters. They hit my in-box, I read the headlines and then either hit delete or read. Yesterday morning the headline National Weed Day definitely caught my attention, but my time was limited so I left it in my in-box to read later. As I went through my day with errands, chores and writing I kept thinking about that headline. National Weed Day! Who would have thought?

Somewhere I once read that a weed is just a plant growing where you don’t want it. I thought of a huge ivy bed I had years ago. This ivy surrounded a large oak tree. It grew up the tree and extended out from the trunk at least six feet all around. Since I was afraid it would kill the oak and made a nice haven for snakes right next to my children’s swing set, I decided it had to go! What an ordeal! We pulled and pulled and pulled ivy. It was made worse by the poison ivy intermingled throughout. In my book, ivy that is not in a pot is a weed! I include nandina and border grass in this category!

I remember years ago looking through one of my seed catalogs and saw Virginia Creeper for sale. Who would BUY Virginia Creeper? I constantly am pulled up this weed! The birds and wind are constantly planting weeds all over my yard. However I am the cause of the blackberry brambles! Ten years ago I decided I wanted a patch of blackberries. To this day, blackberry bushes are popping up over an acre away from the original patch.

Back to National Weed Day. I was skimming too quickly. The headline actually read National Weed Your Garden Day. Well, that makes more sense; however ONE day will not do it for me. I propose National Weed Your Garden Year! Who is with me?



A Deacon's Wife said...

I'm in! (But I'm not sure a year is long enough.)

Beth Mithen said...

How about a Weed Your Garden decade? I was out this morning before the tremendous heat of the deep south and wondered why MY plants were wilted and needed water but all the weeds were going strong.