Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I hope many have been asking this question. Life has interfered with my writing for a bit. My roles as ‘mother’ and ‘grandmother’ took priority and all my energy. At this time we have our son and wife moved and settled, newest grandson a happy and healthy 29 day old, son recuperated from appendectomy, daughter recovered from birth and adjusting to new baby in the house, and first grandson reassured that he is loved-even with a new baby. Wow! No wonder I have been so tired.

Here I am with my precious grandsons! Elliott loves his little brother and is a great helper. Breckin Alexzander is beautiful and growing like a weed. He is not allowing his mother to sleep much at night yet and has a marvelous set of lungs!

We are all anxiously looking forward to Breckin’s baptism the end of this month at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Palatka, Florida. At the invitation of The Reverend Jim Dorn, and with the blessings of Bishop Benhase, Scott will participate as deacon in the baptism of our grandson. This will be a marvelous family celebration!



A Deacon's Wife said...

I discovered your blog just prior to your disappearance, so I was, indeed asking what became of you. What beautiful grandsons you have! And what a blessing for the Deacon to participate in the baptism. I look forward to reading about it!

Beth Mithen said...

Thank you! How long have you been a deacon's wife? My husband was ordained less than a year ago. It has certainly been an experience for the both of us.

Dawn Shepard said...

Hello Beth!!

Your grandchildren are just grand!!! Sorry that I have been out of the loop. We have have many illinesses and a death in the family. My mom has been really sick. I have just had time to sit down and check out your blogs. They are very interesting and I have enjoyed reading them. I hope to see you soon. Congratulations on all your adventures, granchildren, and your writing blogs. You are doing great!!