Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Skink Finds His Way

Sharing our yard with a variety of skinks is always interesting!  One particular variety has bright blue stripes down the length of their bodies.  Although the adults are about eight inches long, we are currently blessed with a multitude of much smaller youngsters.  As I sat on the patio the other day, one little fellow was scurrying along the edge.  Since the grass needs mowing and edging, he would try to enter the grass and come to a dead end.  He would sit a few seconds, back up, move a few more inches and try again.  I sat watching him for several minutes.

I marvelled at how much in common this skink and I had.  I was sitting on the patio to give my brain a rest.  For days I had been trying to outline a curriculum for my upcoming Christian Education class of middle schoolers.  Ideas had been flowing freely and then I hit a brick wall.  All  my thoughts and ideas were becoming convoluted and a huge mish mash! 

As I watched my friend, he suddenly found an opening and disappeared from sight!  I know he was glad to be in the grass since the heat index was around 105 degrees and the patio was in full sun, except under my patio umbrella.  God takes care of the least of His creatures and that includes me!  I said a quick prayer of thanks and returned to my computer and the words became organized and flowing once again. 

Why do I always forget that I am NOT in charge?  I believe God settled me in this yard with so many creatures and weeds to remind me daily that He is in charge.  My yard is my sanctuary!  My place to truly listen to God and full of creation to serve as my reminders when I close my ears.  Thank God for places of sanctuary!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Deacon’s Strange Mowing

The Deacon loves to ride his tractor! I call it a riding lawn mower but I suppose a tractor sounds more manly. Years ago when we bought this two acre lot, Scott insisted on having a ‘tractor’. So I got my pool and he got the tractor. After all, compromise is one of the keys to a long-term marriage. The Deacon is very precise in his methods of doing everything, including mowing. He puts on long pants, long sleeved shirt, big straw hat or cap, and dust mask. Interestingly enough, he also usually mows in the same pattern time after time.

As he was mowing a week ago, I noticed he was breaking his pattern and that caught my attention. He was moving very slowly. He was also doing a strange figure eight pattern. Now I am worried. I move out to the patio to observe him and be closer in case I needed to get to him quickly. He was out of my sight for part of the figure eight pattern. It was so odd that our son even came to the door and asked what his father was doing.

Finally as he moved into the northern loop of the figure eight I discover the cause of this strange behavior. A Cattle Egret comes walking from behind the bushes collecting bugs that are being disturbed by the mowing! This crazy bird continues to walk sedately along eating to his hearts content. The mower does not seem to threaten it at all. The Deacon is carefully mowing slowly past the bird. I was spellbound watching the Deacon prepare a special dinner plate for this rather smart Cattle Egret.

This unusual encounter continued until Buddy (my constant companion) finally noticed the bird and took chase. Buddy has very short legs and is no danger to any creature in the yard but he still enjoys the chase. The Cattle Egret reluctantly flew away but I knew he left with a most full belly!


P.S. In case you are wondering if I am a bird expert, I had to do some research. I guessed egret but they usually feed in water. I identified our visitor as a Cattle Egret and they do usually feed in fields and meadows.